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We are a group of nonpartisan activists who believe in equal access to reproductive rights, a living minimum wage, universal healthcare, and common sense gun regulation. We want racial justice, climate action, and equal rights for all.


We have voted, protested, and marched only to be let down by our elected officials. 

It's time for a strike. 

A strike is a refusal to work and/or engage in commerce until demands are met. Strikes are commonly seen in the workforce, but we've been inspired to organize a general strike by the Icelandic Women's Strike of 1975. 

Too often the people who need a strike the most do not have the resources to go on strike. Our mission is to change that. We fundraise so that those who typically cannot afford to go on strike have the resources to do so. 

We are just starting out, so be prepared to get your hands dirty and see how you can make a tangible difference.

Pose at Protest
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