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Why (and how) I'm involved with Strike For Our Rights

By Wendy Conrad, Work Culture Strategist & Speaker (and fun gif maker), Your Happy Workplace

In doing the work that I do and the learning I’ve done about capitalism, white supremacy, and grind culture, things were looking bleak to me.

I, like many in the United States right now, am feeling angry, helpless, and hopeless.

There are so many things going on in our country and our world to direct our attention to, but as individuals, we can’t solve every problem and save the world on our own. The overwhelm is paralyzing at times.

When I came across the Strike For Our Rights (SFOR) Instagram account, I immediately felt connected and called to become involved.

I really liked the fact SFOR acknowledges all of these issues are related and intertwined.

I love that SFOR recognizes our power as a community of concerned citizens who provide labor to a system that doesn’t care about us.

My involvement has included support and conversations with Sarah about creating a culture within SFOR that keeps volunteers and all involved engaged, presenting to team leads about connecting purpose to our work, and writing for the marketing and content writing committees.

I also make sure to tell friends about SFOR and encourage them to get involved.

I really appreciate the inclusivity of SFOR in that it acknowledges that going on strike is not feasible for everyone.

That’s the wonderful thing. Whatever your strengths or interests are, there are so many ways to get involved beyond just withholding our labor when the time comes.

I know there is power in our numbers, and I am hopeful that together we can work towards making the changes we want to see in the world.

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